What Can I Put In My Bin


The Green Bin Acceptance List

This list displays what can and what cannot go into your green bin:

Material that CAN go in green bin

Newspapers/General paper
Cardboard Packaging/Boxes
Drink (Aluminium) Cans
Plastic Packaging/Rigid Food Packaging/Margarine Tubs/Yogurt Containers
Washed Food (Steel/Tin) Cans
Washed Tetra-Pak Milk & Juice Cartons
Plastic Bottles (Mineral/Milk/Juice/Cleaning Products/Hygiene Products)

Material that CANNOT go in green bin

Plastic Wrapping/Bags/Film
Green Waste (Garden or Food)
General Waste
Food Waste

Recycle Bin Helpful Hints:

  • Rinse all food & drink containers
  • Squash cans, boxes & cartons
  • Remove glossy magazine covers
  • Remove plastics & polystyrene from cardboard
  • Remove Aluminium lids & Plastic Caps from containers and place in the recycling bin separately
  • Larger pieces of cardboard can be flattened, tied and left on the side




The Brown Bin Acceptance List

This list displays what can and what cannot go into your brown bin:

Material that CAN go in brown bin

Leaves, weeds and mosses (not sprayed with weedkiller)
Dead plants and flowers
Grass and hedge cuttings (finger sized twigs)
Bread, pasta and rice
Meat, Fish, Poultry Bones
Out of date foods (no plastic packaging)
Tea bags, coffee grounds and paper filters
Fruit and vegetables (cooked and uncooked)
Food Soiled Paper Napkins/Paper Towels/Pizza Boxes
Eggs and Dairy products (no plastic packaging)
Bio-degradable bags

Material that CANNOT go in brown bin

Plastics of any kind
Food cans, drink cans, cutlery
Sweet and Crisp wrappers
Tin foil
Packaging of any sort
Newspaper or cardboard (except when used for wrapping or lining)
Household hazardous items – batteries, oils etc
Tetrapak and Cartons
Nappies/Sanitary Items
Dog and Cat Litter
Ashes, Coal or Cinders
Rocks, gravel, stones, clay, soil and stumps
Weedkiller or anything sprayed with weedkiller
Glossy paper or magazines











*** Only Bio-degradable bags can be used in your Brown Compost Bin ***


Compost Bin Helpful Hints:

  • Keep your compost bin in the shade
  • Wrap food waste in sheets of old newspaper to deter flies and control odours
  • Items such as leaves, straw, woody material (chipped) or dry grass help prevent odours